Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bling bling!

Dear readers,

I'm REALLY digging these shoes by Pedro Garcia.

large product image

Aren't they just fabulous? I immediately got a Michael-Jackson's-moonwalk-feeling when I saw them haha! You can buy them at for the price of $395. Too bad that price is just a bit too high for me! :(

Love, Melissa

Coloured stola

Dear readers,

What do you think about the coloured fur stola as seen in the fashion show of Prada? As seen below, they come in different colors.

gestreepte prada stola 
I really don't like it, but some celebrities definitely do. Check out Mary-Kate Olsen and Rihanna with their stola!

Rihanna S&M veste Prada

gestreepte prada stola 

Would you buy it?

Love, Melissa

Friday, April 29, 2011

You're cordially invited to the wedding, but...

...what are you wearing in *** name???

YES, I DO!!!

Dear readers,

It's official! Prince William & Princess Katherine are husband & wife! Congrats to the lovely pair! Unfortunately, I could not watch it live on television, because I had to work, but I kept an eye on different news sites to keep myself updated on the latest news on the newlyweds. In case you were on a deserted island today and thus were not able to watch the news, here are some pictures!

What do you think of Katherine's wedding dress? She co-designed it wit Sarah Burton, the new designer behind the Alexander McQueen brand. I think it's really elegant!

Love, Melissa

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take a look in the closet of...

Dear readers,

I'm always curious as to how the closets of celebrities look like! Aren't you? Here is your chance to get a sneak peek in the closets of some celebrities.

Closet of Rachel Zoe

Closet of Kimora Lee Simmons

Closet of Kim Cattrall

Closet of Eva Longoria

Closet of Jessica Alba

Closet of Christina Aguilera

Closet of Olivia Palermo

Which closet is your favourite? And in which celebrity closet - not the above mentioned -would you like to take a peek?

Love, Melissa

Queensday @ Amsterdam

Dear readers,

This saturday, April 30, my homecountry will be celebrating the birthday of the Queen, well actually, of the late Queen Juliana. Maybe some of you have celebrated Queensday with us while being in The Netherlands. If so, then you know what an amazing national holiday it is. I always celebrate Queensday in Amsterdam and it is so different every single year. But what always remains the same is the joyous sphere, the color orange, the canals full of boats, the loud music and people dancing and being drunk :) What else do you need? LOL! To give you an impression about this day, I attached some photos here and who knows, maybe we will celebrate Queensday 2012 together! :)

Love, Melissa

People celebrating Queensday in one of the canals in Amsterdam

@ Museumplein Amsterdam where all kinds of artists perform

A dog in Queensday costume

Guessing these guys are drunk ;)

People dancing on the streets in Amsterdam

People  celebrating Queensday on a boat

Kate and her hats!

Dear readers,

I think many of you are aware of THE upcoming wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton which will be tomorrow! I'm so curious about the dress Kate will wear, especially since knowing she designed it herself. In this post I wanted to show you some of the hats which Kate wore at different occassions. Wearing a hat is - I think - a tradition for all royal families around the world and I find it so much fun to see the hats female royalties picked out to wear. So, here she is pulling them off!

What do you think of her picks and more importantly, what do you think of Kate?

Love, Melissa

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vegas baby!

Dear readers,

In September of this year me and my boyfriend will go on a well deserved holiday to....the US of A  :) We will go a total of 23 days and will be visiting different cities, among them Las Vegas. Yesterday we booked at the amazing Mandarin Oriental! I'm so excited! Has anyone of you readers stayed at the Mandarin Oriental and if so, how was it? Did it meet your expectations?
Just by looking at the pictures of the hotel, I can see myself already being there! Check them out!

The Mandarin Oriental @ Las Vegas "The Strip"

Tea lounge at the 23rd floor with view of "The Strip"

Standard bedroom with kingsize bed


Massage room at the Mandarin Oriental Spa (awarded with the Forbes Five-Star Award)



Can you blame me for wanting to be there RIGHT NOW?! :)

Love, Melissa

P.S. Do you already have plans for this summer?

Shoes as seen on the catwalk

Dear readers,

I'm always intrigued by the shoes that are shown on the catwalk during fashion shows and of course by the girls who are wearing them. I have such a respect for them! I honestly don't know if I could walk on some of the shoes I see! So how did they look in 2011? Here are some of my favourites. What do you think?

Love, Melissa



John Galliano

Alexander McQueen



Dolce & Gabbana

Christian Dior

Giambattista Valli