Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remember me???

Dear readers,

I'm so so so sorry for not having posted anything while I was on holiday. I tried too, but my tablet somehow turned off by itself every single time...ARGH!!! I am, back from the US and in the mood to write! :)

Before I start about my trip, how are you guys doing? Did you do any fun things while I was away?

I have SO much to tell you, but I'll do it one day at a time :)

First off: NEW YORK!!! What an amazing city! So many things to do and see and so few days, but we sure made the most of it; I was so tired at the end of a day! :P But I wouldn't have it any different!
Our first evening in New York we thought to just chill a bit, because of the long trip, but after finding a very good deal for tickets for Wicked the Musical, we just knew we couldn't walk away and so we went. What a fun night we had! Too bad I fell asleep during the second part of the show LOL! The first part however was amazing and really funny actually, so if you get a chance to see this musical, DO SO!!!

Some pics from our first night in the city!

Tomorrow I will share some of my other experiences in New York.

For now I'm off to bed!

Have a good night!

Love, Melissa

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