Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bye Bye Holland, Hello New York!

Dear readers,

As I wrote before, september 1 I will be going on holiday. Guess what? Today is the day! Time flew! I so long for a break! I can't wait to discover all these new places!

So, first my boyfriend and I will be going to New York for 4 days, then we will fly to Las Vegas and stay there for 5 days. From Las Vegas we will drive to San Diego (2-day stop), LA (2-day stop), Paso Robles (this is in the wine area, also just 2 days), Yosemite N.P. (2-day stop) and last, but not least, San Francisco. In San Fran we will be staying for 4 days. How cool, right?!

So, wish me a good flight and a nice vacay and I promise I will do my best to write you a couple of times :)

Lots of love!


P.S. Oh, and if any of you has some great tips for the places mentioned above, please let me know! All tips are welcome!

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