Thursday, May 26, 2011

J.LO goes with the flow!

Dear readers,

Jennifer Lopez is mostly known for her singing career, but this lady is a real entrepreneur at other fields of business as well. She had her own clothing line, she has acted in various movies and she now appears in American Idol as a member of the jury. Yep, she´s got balls! However, I´m not writing to talk about her balls ;) No, I´m tributing this post to her, because I think she has a really cute fashion sense. To me it appears she dresses to her mood and fortunately for us, her mood seems to be pretty good most of the times. What I also like about her is that she dares to take risks when it comes to her appearance. Take a look at the following pictures recently taken of Jennifer Lopez.

What do you think about her style?

Love, Melissa

Enjoying myself!

Dear readers,

Until now I did not have any time to post anything, sorry for that! At this moment I´m in Honduras and enjoying myself a lot! Before arriving in Honduras, I went to Miami, where I had a blast as well! I don´t know if you read my first post ¨Welcome¨ but in there I write about working at my father´s company. He has an import/export company in tropical plants and in a few years I will take over the company as my father will retire in a couple of years. So right now, I´m still learning! However, I already know I want to continue this path, because I´m already kind of in love with the whole scene! :) To be so sure about something feels so liberating and it also gives me strength to not just be good, but to be the best in what I´m doing! Do you recognize this feeling?
So tonight we went to dinner to ¨Club Arabe¨ with my fathers associates here in Honduras and I wanted to share some pictures of the amazing place, but I can´t find any online...what the ***, right?! Well, trust me on this, it´s an amazing place, so if you´re planning to visit San Pedro Sula, Honduras, try to go there, it is well worth it!

In 2 days I´m headed to El Salvador and after that to Costa Rica. Too bad this trip will be over in 8 days, but hopefully I will go again soon!

For now, I´ll share some pictures of the beach where you can find me tomorrow :) Hey, it´s business, but with 43 degrees Celsius don´t blame me for wanting to take a dive in the ocean ;)

Sorry, I really did not want to make you jealous haha!

Love, Melissa

Sunday, May 22, 2011

See you in 13 days!

Dear readers,

Today I leave for a business trip and unfortunately I will not be able to write on a daily basis. I definitely hope I get the change to write at least 1 or 2 times, but I cannot promise it! Good thing there are 131 posts on my blog, so you will not be bored when visiting my blog...that I can promise! :)
So, where I'm headed? I'm going to Miami, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. Not so bad, right?!

For now, goodbye and see you in 2 weeks!

Love, Melissa

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jackets by Supertrash

Dear readers,

What do you think of these gorgeous jackets from Supertrash?

I find them so stunning I can hardly resist buying one! :) You can buy them at their online store for the price of € 124,95.

Love, Melissa

P.S. You can find these jackets in both of my 'Jackets' lists on my Fashiolista page!

Going pink!

Dear readers,

I think it is sometimes fun combining items in one single colour, don't you? For today I chose the colour pink, just because it's such a girlie colour. I created two outfits in two different tones of pink for you to see.

Outfit 1:'candy'-satchel-23974085.jpg

Outfit 2:

What do you think of both outfits? Do you like that is in one colour only?

Love, Melissa

P.S. You can find these outfits in my list 'Going pink' on my Fashiolista page!

Friday, May 20, 2011

A day in the park!

Dear readers,

It's time for a new outfit! Since the days are getting longer and the temperature higher, I like going to the park with friends, so for today I chose to create an outfit for a day in the park! Tell me what you think of today's outfit! Is it something you would wear yourself?

Love, Melissa

P.S. You can find these items in my 'A day in the park-list' on my Fashiolista page! details lookamess (Sunglass)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

H&M fall/winter 2011 preview

Dear readers,

I just LOVE H&M, what about you? I discovered the H&M website about 1,5 year ago and since then I'm hooked. Before discovering their webshop, I didn't like H&M at all! Not that I did not like their clothes and accessories, but just thinking about the complete chaos inside an average H&M store, I already had a headache, seriously! :P So today I wanted to give you a little preview of their fall/winter collection of this year. Tell me, do you like it?

schoenen hm
parkaoranje hm jurkje
rekje pastel
bloemen hmblazer roze hm

I think the collection looks amazing and cannot wait to see the rest!!! I especially like the shoes as seen in picture 1 and the accessories as seen in picture 2. Do you have a favourite?

Love, Melissa

Chanel vs. Oscar de La Renta

Dear readers,

Take a look at the cruise collections presented by Chanel and Oscar de La Renta. Which do you like best?


Chanel Cruise Collection Presentation - Show

Oscar de La Renta

My vote goes to Oscar de La Renta! I think he has made a beautiful and wearable collection! Some pieces of the Chanel Cruise Collection are, of course, adorable too, like the black bathing suit with matching kaftan.

Love, Melissa


Dear readers,

As you may or may not know, I have a mixed background. My father is Dutch and my mother is Guatemalan. As a family, we used to go to Guatemala every year during summer to visit our family, but I've not been there since I was 13 due to the fact that Guatemala unfortunately gets more dangerous every single year. It is now almost 13 years since I last visited my country, but I never forget it and I will definitely go their in time when the situation in Guatemala improves. Hopefully, that will be soon! However, I know many people are not aware what a beautiful country Guatemala really is and therefore I thought it would be a great idea to give it some attention here on my blog. Hopefully you like what you see! Please tell me if you do! I would really appreciate it!

Love, Melissa

Maya temples in Tikal

The colonial city of Antigua

Lake Atitlan with in the background its volcanoes

Different view from lake Atitlan.

Overview of Guatemala City

Maya girls laughing at the camera

A fruit market with indigenous people

At the famous Chicicastenango market where you can find the typical
fabrics known from Guatemala in every possible colour!

You will find all sorts of animals in Guatemala, from apes to iguanas to parrots!