Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Dear readers,

I find Scandinavian people real trendsetters. I came across this website called www.thelocals.dk wtih pictures of fashionable Danish people. They launched their website in january of this year, so unfortunately you have to sit tight for some more inspirational looks. However, not only Danish people can pull off a trendy look, so can people from all over the world. I have copied some of my favourite streetstyle looks for you to see.

Elisabeth, 26, student from Denmark (thelocals.dk)

Paris fashion week streetstyle (sidewalkisarunway.com)

Ekaterina Mukhina, Fashion Director Vogue Russia (vanessajackman.blogspot.com)

Rowen Lewis @ London Fashion Week (Harpersbazaar.com)

Milaan Fashionweek

Milaan Fashion Week (Styletoday.nl)

Milan Fashion Week (Harpersbazaar.com)

Do these looks inspire you?

Love, Melissa

Loving these bags!

Dear readers,

I will keep this post short...the bags will speak for themselves!


This Indian style clutch is so cute! (sickathanaverage.com)

Premium Silver Mini Ornate Metal Satchel - TopShop

This is such an interesting piece! It keeps you wondering whats inside! (Topshop.com)

I actually bought this bag 2 months ago and I am really enjoying it. I get so much compliments when carrying this item around. River Island is such a fab brand! Psst...I also have it in beige... (Riverisland.com)

Jil Sander 

This bag by Jil Sander is so different from what I usually buy. As simple as it is, I really like it and for sure, heads will turn around! (Net-a-porter.com)


I'm really into Aztec/mohawk prints, so this Jimmy Choo bag is right up my alley! (Jimmychoo.com)


This plexiglass clutch by Charlotte Olympia is a true statement piece. Isn't it to die for?! (Net-a-porter.com)


This season is all about floral prints. I love that this bag makes a subtle reference to that! (Zara.com)

Which one is your favourite?

Love, Melissa


Dear readers,

I am one of those people whose skin is oversensitive. I have been struggling with my skin for as long as I can remember. Until recently I have discovered what works for me and I wanted to share that with you. Maybe it will help some of you as well.

First of all, let me start by saying that I ONLY use 100% natural products. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to use skincare which is completely free of chemicals. It is amazing how much a skin can bare, but there comes a moment where your skin tells you that enough is enough. It will express itself through pimples, blisters, red stains, dermatitis etc. If you're now using skincare which contains chemicals, maybe this is the time to change to 100% natural products. You will treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated and you will definitely feel better by doing so. Aside from that, the market offers you many different lines from different brands which are all 100% natural, so there is something for every skin type. I myself have tried different brands, but the skincare line by Annemarie Borlind is THE ONE for me! Since I started using this line, my skin is really calm and has no major outbreaks. I mix the Purifying Care line with the Rose Dew Care line. I also use an eye wrinke cream and from time to time a mask (stress mask, vital cream mask or a purifying mask). To give my skin a boost, I sometimes use Orange Blossom energizer under my daycream. It instantly gives my skin a glow. For more information visit: www.borlind.com

I unfortunately also suffer from eczema since I was 7. A year ago, it was at its worse and I couldn't take the itch anymore. My daily life became influenced by it and so did my sleep. I needed to find something that would help me. I went to different dermatologists and alternative doctors, but nobody could help me in the long term. I didn't want to use the creams that the dermatologists prescribed, because of its side effects, so I started to search for a different solution myself. I began with the basis, which are nutritients. I began reading about the food we eat and the chemicals that are in it. I decided to start eating organic food and after 3 weeks I began to see some serious changes. The itch began to fade away, the scratch marks began to heal and my skin began to glow. After 2 months, my eczema was for 90% under control. Now, I am 6 months further and it is still for 90% under control! I cannot tell you how happy I am! Of course, 100% under control would be a dream come true, but I am a realist and I know I will probably have eczema for the rest of my life, but I can now live with it, which is something I could only dream about some 6 months ago. Aside from that, my intolerance for lactose is also gone and my colon is finally at ease! How amazing is that? I couldn't believe the outcome and am still amazed by the effects it has had on my life. I now have a totally different look on the food that is sold by our supermarkets and advise everybody to eat organic food or at least try to make some changes in their eating habits when it is financially somewhat of a struggle to eat organic. I know organic meat and poultry is so much more expensive, but maybe you can find a local organic farmer who sells meat at his or her farm. I do that myself. It's cheaper (sometimes even cheaper than the prices for non-organic meat and poultry in the supermarkets) and I think it's fun to have such direct contact with the farmers and see for yourself how the animals are treated. Furthermore, when taking a shower I only use shampoo which is 100% natural (also by Annemarie Borlind) and soap by Gamila Secrets. This soap is all natural and is made from extra virgin olive oil and herbs.

I would love to hear your perspectives on things or your experiences with 100% natural skincare and organic food!

Love, Melissa

Tip: how to fold a fitted sheet!

Dear readers,

I don't know about you, but I'm always at war with my mattress sheets. At the end, it always looks like I didn't care how they were put in the closet, but I DO, REALLY! I just never knew how to fold those damn sheets, but those days are over. Check out this clip:

Where you as amazed as I was? I never thought that was possible!

Love, Melissa

Pretty tableware

Dear readers,

How lovely is it to have pretty tableware in the house for every occasion possible? If only I would have enough space in my apartment...I would definitely be in the possession of at least 8 different dinnerware sets and 5 tea sets! As you may have already noticed, I am a dreamy person, so why not dream about someday buying all the things below?!

Marin Green Dinnerware

I love the color green and would use this simple robust set when eating outdoors. (Asa)

Or how about this set for eating in the garden? It's perfect! (Villeroy & Boch)

 Mad Men Inspired 1960’s The Royal Albert 100years Collection

When thinking of tea I immediately think of England. This typical English tea cup is definitely my cup of tea :) (Royal Albert)

Every home needs a plain dinnerware set, one that is elegant and suitable for every occasion. (Wedgwood)

Ok, officially in love with this antique silver set! This is actually stored in a museum and thus, unfortunately it will never be mine :(

As you can see, my taste is somewhat old fashioned, a bit romantic and luxurious. I'm not really into the modern square type of style. Although I sometimes think it's really pretty when eating in a restaurant, I would not buy it for myself (nor for my guests).

What kind of tableware do you prefer?

Love, Melissa

The power of jewellery!

Dear readers,

Jewellery can really finish an outfit. It can be those vintage earrings or that statement necklace that make an outfit just a bit more fashionable. I always wear jewellery, but I always try to stick to the saying "less is more". I prefer wearing just a necklace to finish it off or maybe some earrings and a bracelet or ring, but not all those things together. I have attached some items so you can get an idea of my style of jewellery, but I love to hear and see what you guys like. I can't wait... :)

Love, Melissa

P.S. What's your favourite piece from my items?


I love that these earrings are elegant, but different and edgy due to the chains (Macy's).


The form of these earrings is quite unique and are therefore real eyecatchers to me (boutiquetoyou.com).

Katharine Necklace - Amrita Singh

Speaking of statement jewellery, this necklace is a pretty good example of what I mean with that. How amazing is this necklace? I find it really elegant, outspoken and somewhat cultural (amrithasing.com).


I really dig this African inspired necklace! I actually have something alike and when I'm really uninspired at 5 AM in the morning about what to wear that day, I can simply put on some basic clothing and still steel the show with this necklace (pret-a-beaute.com).

PRISTINE Black Multi Buckle Platform Sandals

I bought these bracelets 2 weeks ago and I am really loving it. You can combine these with just about anything and you will get compliments either way (Topshop.com).


These bracelets remind me of the beach! I can see myself wearing these with ripped jeans shorts, a simple white tee with a beige scarf, some flipflops and of course a straw hat. Don't you? (intermixonline.com)


This watch gives me a really luxurious feeling. When I saw this, I assumed the price would be luxurious as well ;) , but in fact this watch only costs around 30 euros!!! (Riverisland.com)

Blake Lively

Dear readers,

Some celebs have such great taste of fashion! I really dig the style of Blake Lively. She knows what looks good on her and is not afraid to wear statement items. What do you think of her following looks? And could you see yourself wearing the same kind of clothes?

Love, Melissa

Blake Lively wearing a green jumpsuit from Miss Sixty in combination with a statement necklace and some simple gold sandals.

Here she's pulling of a bohemian look, while still looking elegant.

On her way to attend Paris Fashion week, Blake looks really stylish in her soft yellow cape and romantic lace dress with golden sandals with ankle belt. These three items are what it's all about this spring and summer and she knows it!

This is Blake Lively at her best! Although wearing a statement item (sequined legging), she keeps the look simple and clean.

While looking at pictures of Blake Lively, one thing comes to eye: she loves sequines! This jacket is such an eyecatcher. I love how she combines it!

Make-up tutorials

Dear readers,

How amazing is Youtube? You can literally find anything there, from music videos to samba lessons and make-up tutorials. I'm in love with the clips from this girl named Michelle Phan. She has some really cute and helpful clips. She shows you how to create smokey eyes, a romantic valentine look or how to look your best on a night out. I've always wanted to have smokey eyes, but I never knew how to do it. With these clips helping me, I was looking all smokey last weekend on a night out with some girlfriends. I hope this - or her other - clips will be helpful for you as well!

Good luck!

Love, Melissa

Indoor must-haves!

Dear readers,

I love to style my apartment! Unfortunately for me, money is not always at hand, but still...a girl can dream, right?! I have come across some really fabulous items which - from my perspective - are to die for!

First of all this old suitcase.


These type of suitcases were used by the elite to travel around the globe. Nowadays, they are used for multiple purposes, e.g. as a wardrobe (as seen in the picture).


I love this rug! It has such an African feel to it. The earth thone colors will make this rug warm up every house. (Zarahome.com)


This dressing table suits me perfectly, if I may say so myself  :)  The built-in mirror with its decorative cutting work gives this piece a luxurious feel to it. (Nickycornell.com)


These towels are especially made for the hamam, you know, the bathing houses which are used in Morocco and Turkey. Just by looking at these towels, I am ready to make an appointment! (Elle.com)


This box gives me the idea that it keeps a ancient secret. The craft work is amazing and I love the tiny lock. (Zarahome.com)

Would you buy any of these items?

Love, Melissa

7 ways to wear a scarf

Dear readers,

I found this clip on Youtube and thought I share this with you! Sometimes I have this problem with not knowing how to wear a specific scarf. Is that just me or do you guys experience this as well? Anyway, these girls show you 7 different ways to wear a scarf. There were some true tips in it for me! I hope there are some for you as well!

Check the clip below:

Love, Melissa

Boutique hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dear readers,

Two years ago my boyfriend and I took a roadtrip through Florida. We went from north to south and had an amazing time! Although all the hotels we stayed in were truly fabulous, there was one which really stood out: The Pillars Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. It's a boutique hotel and has a membership of the "Small Luxury Hotels of the World". It only has 18 rooms, which makes it really cozy and personal. It has a pool deck overlooking the waterways, which makes a day at the pool so much more relaxing. Furthermore, this deck is also used by their restaurant. This restaurant is so exclusive it can only accept hotel guests and friends of the hotel. The night we ate dinner there, we were told they could only accept 20 guests per night. Although it was a bit expensive, the food was delicious and the view breathtaking and priceless! So, if you ever consider going to Fort Lauderdale, try booking at this lovely hotel. You won't be sorry! To give you an impression of what the hotel looks like I have copied some pictures from their website.

Love, Melissa

The pool and poolside rooms.

The bedroom we stayed in.

The pooldeck overlooking the waterways.

The waterways.

The restaurant.

Style of Olivia Palermo

Dear readers,

I don't know if any of you have followed The City on MTV, but it featured this girl named Olivia Palermo. Although in the serie she's portrayed as a bitch, you cannot deny the fact that this girl has some serious style going on! I love these looks!

Do you like her style? And if so, which look do you like most?

Love, Melissa

Outfit boho rock

Dear readers,

I have come up with an outfit which I would wear for a night out in the club! I really dig black leather pants and for this outfit I combined it with a tee which has a boho touch to it.  The shoes are in the same color as the fabric in the middle of the tee. I like to keep things colour coordinated, but not too much. As to accessories: less is more. Therefore, I keep it simple with just one ring. The ring however is a statement piece. You want people to be focused on this jewellery item and not be drawn to other jewellery pieces.

http://cf1.polyvoreimg.com/set.28528307.1GbW0No94BGHSR8dc7kB2Q.m.jpgCHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINhttp://mediaus.topshop.com/wcsstore/TopShopUS/images/catalog/61G31YJDE_large.jpghttp://www.fashionblogsite.com/images/blogs/1-2011/free-marchesa-cosmetic-bag-offer-from.gif

Do you guys like this outfit and would you wear it yourself?

Love, Melissa