Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My love for shoes!

Dear readers,

My love for shoes is somewhat extreme. I lost count while thinking about the amount of shoes in my closet (and my boyfriend's closet), under the bed, in boxes, at my parents house...well, just about anywhere I can store them. For me, shoes are not just practical, they are true fashion statements! They come in all colours and varieties and are therefore  the perfect item to create a whole new look to one and the same outfit. Think about it: you can match a basic tee with shorts and heels or with biker boots, with ballerina's or with flip flops, while at the same time showing a completely different look. Since this post is all about shoes, shoes you will find! :)

"As i am ART i am human i am alive...": Vogue vogue vogue...Liya Kebede nippon f

I love the color and the design of this shoe. Isn't it just a piece of art?


While this shoe is somewhat a classic model, it has a rocky twitch to it.


This is called: a lace-up bootie. The name says it all. I love that it is in the color purple. (ShoeDazzle.com)

Pump Soraya Rose by Friis

Although these are not the type of shoes you will wear ech day, these are real eye-catchers for that night out with your beau! (Welikefashion.com)


The color nude has a romantic feel to it. How cute will these look under a nude chiffon dress?! (Topshop.com)


This boot with leopard detail is a perfect shoe for that edgy girl. (BetseyJohnson.com)

http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/add?title=<B><i>Casselini</i></B><BR>Sheep Fur Bootie in Gray&url=http://www.idontlikemondays.us/page/IDLM/PROD/09010686&imgurl=https://www.idontlikemondays.us/Merchant2/inventory/09010686-poly.jpg

These grey suede shoes with fur are perfect for those cold winters some people around the world (ME :( ) have to endure, while keeping up with the fashionable reputation you try to uphold. (Idontlikemondays.com)

Which one do you like most?

Love, Melissa

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