Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The power of jewellery!

Dear readers,

Jewellery can really finish an outfit. It can be those vintage earrings or that statement necklace that make an outfit just a bit more fashionable. I always wear jewellery, but I always try to stick to the saying "less is more". I prefer wearing just a necklace to finish it off or maybe some earrings and a bracelet or ring, but not all those things together. I have attached some items so you can get an idea of my style of jewellery, but I love to hear and see what you guys like. I can't wait... :)

Love, Melissa

P.S. What's your favourite piece from my items?


I love that these earrings are elegant, but different and edgy due to the chains (Macy's).


The form of these earrings is quite unique and are therefore real eyecatchers to me (boutiquetoyou.com).

Katharine Necklace - Amrita Singh

Speaking of statement jewellery, this necklace is a pretty good example of what I mean with that. How amazing is this necklace? I find it really elegant, outspoken and somewhat cultural (amrithasing.com).


I really dig this African inspired necklace! I actually have something alike and when I'm really uninspired at 5 AM in the morning about what to wear that day, I can simply put on some basic clothing and still steel the show with this necklace (pret-a-beaute.com).

PRISTINE Black Multi Buckle Platform Sandals

I bought these bracelets 2 weeks ago and I am really loving it. You can combine these with just about anything and you will get compliments either way (Topshop.com).


These bracelets remind me of the beach! I can see myself wearing these with ripped jeans shorts, a simple white tee with a beige scarf, some flipflops and of course a straw hat. Don't you? (intermixonline.com)


This watch gives me a really luxurious feeling. When I saw this, I assumed the price would be luxurious as well ;) , but in fact this watch only costs around 30 euros!!! (Riverisland.com)

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