Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Indoor must-haves!

Dear readers,

I love to style my apartment! Unfortunately for me, money is not always at hand, but still...a girl can dream, right?! I have come across some really fabulous items which - from my perspective - are to die for!

First of all this old suitcase.


These type of suitcases were used by the elite to travel around the globe. Nowadays, they are used for multiple purposes, e.g. as a wardrobe (as seen in the picture).


I love this rug! It has such an African feel to it. The earth thone colors will make this rug warm up every house. (Zarahome.com)


This dressing table suits me perfectly, if I may say so myself  :)  The built-in mirror with its decorative cutting work gives this piece a luxurious feel to it. (Nickycornell.com)


These towels are especially made for the hamam, you know, the bathing houses which are used in Morocco and Turkey. Just by looking at these towels, I am ready to make an appointment! (Elle.com)


This box gives me the idea that it keeps a ancient secret. The craft work is amazing and I love the tiny lock. (Zarahome.com)

Would you buy any of these items?

Love, Melissa

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