Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Outfit boho rock

Dear readers,

I have come up with an outfit which I would wear for a night out in the club! I really dig black leather pants and for this outfit I combined it with a tee which has a boho touch to it.  The shoes are in the same color as the fabric in the middle of the tee. I like to keep things colour coordinated, but not too much. As to accessories: less is more. Therefore, I keep it simple with just one ring. The ring however is a statement piece. You want people to be focused on this jewellery item and not be drawn to other jewellery pieces.

http://cf1.polyvoreimg.com/set.28528307.1GbW0No94BGHSR8dc7kB2Q.m.jpgCHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINhttp://mediaus.topshop.com/wcsstore/TopShopUS/images/catalog/61G31YJDE_large.jpghttp://www.fashionblogsite.com/images/blogs/1-2011/free-marchesa-cosmetic-bag-offer-from.gif

Do you guys like this outfit and would you wear it yourself?

Love, Melissa

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