Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loving these bags!

Dear readers,

I will keep this post short...the bags will speak for themselves!


This Indian style clutch is so cute! (sickathanaverage.com)

Premium Silver Mini Ornate Metal Satchel - TopShop

This is such an interesting piece! It keeps you wondering whats inside! (Topshop.com)

I actually bought this bag 2 months ago and I am really enjoying it. I get so much compliments when carrying this item around. River Island is such a fab brand! Psst...I also have it in beige... (Riverisland.com)

Jil Sander 

This bag by Jil Sander is so different from what I usually buy. As simple as it is, I really like it and for sure, heads will turn around! (Net-a-porter.com)


I'm really into Aztec/mohawk prints, so this Jimmy Choo bag is right up my alley! (Jimmychoo.com)


This plexiglass clutch by Charlotte Olympia is a true statement piece. Isn't it to die for?! (Net-a-porter.com)


This season is all about floral prints. I love that this bag makes a subtle reference to that! (Zara.com)

Which one is your favourite?

Love, Melissa

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