Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The box bag!

Dear readers,

What do you think about the new trend being box bags? I think it's a fun design, however, I'm not sure about the practical element of it. But hey, the hell with practical! Skyhigh heels are not practical either :)

What do you think of the following box bags?
Turquoise blocked box bag (
Woven beige box bag with brown leather details (
Black and gold Chanel box bag (
Brown leather box bag (

I think the Chanel box bag is really chic!

Love, Melissa

P.S. You can find these box bags in my Fashiolista list 'Bags 2'.


  1. how cute are those!? specially the turquoise one! which brand is it from?


  2. Hey Marta! Unfortunately, I have no idea! But it's really cute, I agree! Love, Melissa

  3. So amazing collection you had here. I love turquoise blocked box bag and black and gold chanel box bag.

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