Monday, May 16, 2011

One line a day...

Dear readers,

This book is a great gift, I think! For others, but also for yourself!

Now, you might think, what is it? I will explain. This book is a five-year journal with on every page of the 365 pages 5 text blocks. The text blocks are just big enough to write a single line which you want to remember. So no more evenings stuck behind your diary! The fun thing is that eacht text block marks a year, so for example in 4 years, just 4 blocks will be filled with a remark. This means you will read your comments of the previous years every year onwards. I think it's pretty cool! You can buy this at almost every bookstore and of course online. The price is around 16 euros.

I think I'm gonna order it right now to start the fun! How about you?

Love, Melissa

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