Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dear readers,

You know how fond I am of ecological food and cosmetics and although I'm really satisfied with the brand Annemarie Börlind, I came across this other brand called "Madara" and I really love this one too! Madara has its origins in Latvia and as the website states it is due to the short summers in Latvia, that all products of Madara contains such high levels of active nutrients, because the plants of which Madara gets its nutrients from need to work much faster to conserve their potency. Above that, their line has everything you can wish for!

I now use their shampoo and conditioner and it smells like freshly cutt off grass...NICE!!! It really made me curious as to how Madara's other products are, so I will definitely try some new things these coming weeks.

MADARA Ecocosmetics

Any of you familiar with Madara? If so, what's your experience with this relatively new brand?

Love, Melissa

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