Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rihanna in concert!

Dear readers,

As promised, I would let you know how Rihanna's concert was....IT WAS AMAZING!!! Although we had to wait for an hour for her to show up, it was definitely worth it all!!! What a great voice, what a great performance and what a fantastic show! I REALLY LOVED IT!!!

Unfortunately, I don't have sound here, so I just have to choose a Youtube film and hope the sound is good enough. Anyway, I will check it tonight and maybe I will post also another clip of her concert...I mean, you never can get enough of RIHANNA :)

I chose this particular clip, because I thought it was so cool of her to play the drums!

She was rocking it, right?!

Love, Melissa

Update: I noticed the clip here above does not function any longer...too bad! To make it up to you, here a new clip from the song "Please, don't stop the music" performed live by Rihanna. The concert was getting to its end!

Have fun watching the clip!

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