Monday, June 25, 2012

Flip flops!

Dear readers,

Since summer is still not happening, I thought it would be fun to list some nice flip flops, so I will be prepared just in case summer decides to show up after all! Flip flops is actually not the correct word for the shoes listed below, these are all actually sandals, but I wear them as though they were flip flops...still with me here?! ;)

Which of these are your favourite?

STEVE MADDEN SUTTLE SANDAL > Womens > Footwear > Sandals | - Sandały - House

Toda la ropa, calzado y prendas de vestir -

KG By Kurt Geiger | KG Matilda Metal Flat Sandals at ASOS

Dolce Vita Bagley Blue - Free Shipping BOTH Ways


Sandals - Sandals - Green - Casual «

My favourite is number 2! I think the bow makes them really cute and I also love the colour...VERY trendy at the moment!

Love, Melissa

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  1. Aaaaaaa...!!!love them all...especially the 3rd one!!!!so cute!!!!<3

    1. Yes, they are! :) Hard to choose, huh?! Love, Melissa