Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wendy's Lookbook!

Dear readers,

I love surfing the web in search of the most inspiring fashion blogs. I now follow around 10 different fashion blogs, each with a very unique touch. They inspire me everyday and I love showing my dear followers some of my favourite looks. For today's post I chose Wendy's Lookbook as inspiration! I love her sleek and feminine style and I really appreciate how she's always trying to help her followers through her own life experience's, tips for DIY fashion attributes, links to must-haves, etc. Another thing I like about Wendy's website is the creative way of photographing.

What do you think of Wendy's style?

Although she is not my favourite fashion blogger, I genuinely love her style and personality and am a loyal follower!

Which of the looks above is your fave? This is a difficult one for me, but I feel the need to go for pic 1, simply because of the "black swan"-effect that is has! :)

Love, Melissa

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