Monday, June 13, 2011

Mr. Jones!

Dear readers,

Nothing nicer than a cup of hot tea in wintertime! And nothing nicer than a glass of ice tea in summertime! With tea you're always good to go! As you know, I always recommend to eat and drink as organic and ecologic as possible. Therefore I introduce you to Mr. Jones, a 100% organic tea.

Mr. Jones has the cutest names when it comes to their tea varieties. Stunning Sofia gives your water a jasmine taste, Nice Nancy a citron taste. Other tastes are: Smoking Joe (smoked black tea), Little Green Bag (green tea), Monkey's Wedding (earl grey tea), Hotel d'Amour (rose tea), Chef Chaoun (mint tea), Lulu's Garden (lychee tea), Cape Farewell (rooibos tea), Instant Karma (spices and herbs tea), Natural High (camomile tea) and Black Beauty (black tea).

Are you already familiar with Mr. Jones tea? If so, which taste is your favourite? Mine is definitely Stunning Sofia!

Love, Melissa

1 comment:

  1. I just bought Mr. Jones Little Green Bag. I am a green tea junky and try out as much brands possible and I must say that I like original powdered Matcha Green tea (very expensive!) from Japan and Mr. Jones Littel Green Bag the most!