Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Dear readers,

Today a tribute to some of my favourite veggies...you know, those foodies that contain EVERYTHING we need! We all know the healthy benefits of vegetables, but I don't think we REALLY know how healthy vegetables actually are! We could solely live on vegetables and be as healthy as a human being could ever be! Now, I am not saying other food products don't have healthy benefits, I am just saying that from my perspective vegetables are so full of nutrients that we could live on them alone. And aside from them being flavourful, I love the vibrant colours!

So, which vegetables can be found in my refrigerator on a regular base? The following:

Which vegetables are your favourite? And do you eat at least 200 grams per day? I love my veggies and eat them - I think - 355 days a year! Yes, I do eat fastfood occasionally :P

Some advices I would like to give you are:

1. Try to buy biological vegetables! These are not contaminated with all sorts of chemicals AND it tastes so much better!
2. Try to eat a different vegetable every day of the week. A great tip to do this is to eat red-coloured vegetables on Monday, green-coloured ones on Tuesday, yellow-coloured ones on Wednesday, etc., etc.
3. Try to eat Thai or Chinese food once a week. You can throw all sorts of vegetables in these kind of dishes. Not only will it look like a festive meal, it will also taste like one!
4. Once a week, try a different recipe for a veggie-juice! It sounds horrible, I know, but I promise you it does not taste horrible! There are so many recipes out there, that for sure you will find some that you will love! And I am not even talking about all the health benefits a veggie juice can bring to a body!

Enjoy your veggies today and don't forget to thank them! ;)

Love, Melissa


  1. great post and i really like your blog!



    1. Thanks so much, Wiebke! :) Hope to welcome you again on my blog soon!