Saturday, October 8, 2011

As good as it gets - part 1

Dear readers,

What a blast we had in Vegas! Our hotel was such a luxury, they pampered us BIG TIME!!! I'm longing for being there right NOW!!! In Vegas, we went to the Minus 5 Bar at Mandalay Bay (it was a weird sensation to be at a -5 bar when outside it was around 40 degrees Celsius!), had different buffet dinners at different hotels like The Cosmopolitan, Bellaggio, Wynn etc., did some shopping (of course!!!), visited the different amazing hotels, stayed at the very relaxing pool, went to see Fremont Street, did the helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon with a champagne brunch on a platform in the Grand Canyon and a limousine pick-up and got tickets for the show "Reve" at Wynn, but couldn't attend it unfortunately, because we both had a severe case of food poisoning.

Here some shots of our 5 wonderful days in Vegas! Tomorrow I'll post the rest of them! Don't want to give it away all in one time haha! Oh, and of course some shots of the fabulous Mandarin Oriental, the hotel in which we stayed!

Chillin' at the pool in Mandarin Oriental

Dinner at Texas de Brazil

Breakfast buffet at The Cosmopolitan

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  1. Vegas! I am so jealous!
    Have a nice time :).
    Kejmy ♥.