Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not really feminine, but...

...I REALLY want it! This is the Toyota Tundra Limited 4x4 Crew and I ABSOLUTELY DIG IT!!! I have a dozen reasons why I should never buy a car like this, being:

1. Too expensive to drive in Holland (taxes, gasoline, more taxes)!
2. Too big to drive in Holland (have you ever seen our parking lots and parking garages?)!
3. Why buy a 4x4 when all of Holland is flat?!
4. I don't need that big of a trunk!
5. It is too much of a hassle to get this car in Holland (I have to import it, file it at customs, pay VAT at customs etc. etc.).
6. Expensive in maintenance!

Then again, I also have some reasons why I should buy this car:

1. I have the money for it!
2. You never know when a trunk like that comes in handy!
3. I LOVE BIG CARS plus they seat a lot of people.
4. It is a safe car!
5. I love the sound of the engine!
6. I love it's power (read: it's an V8 motor!)!

And most importantly:

7. IT IS A TRUE BEAUTY, although it is somewhat of a beast! But for sure, heads will turn!

Did you see that? I came up with one more reason why I should buy this car :)

Well, let me just sleep on it a bit more! I will let you know the outcome!

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  1. Hi dear, i followed your blog now.
    I agree that these stuff are not so feminime, but i think it's cool! Haha, love your blog dear! ;)