Monday, October 31, 2011


Dear readers,

Yosemite was in two words amazing and overwhelming. Amazing because of its beauty, overwhelming because of the crowdiness! I never expected the park to be this busy. There were even traffic jams...WTF! That was a bit of a bummer actually!

I did like going back to basic, although 2 days were enough :) I guess I'm more the hotel-type-of-girl :P
We went rafting which was really nice and we went hiking which was really though! Both nights we barbecued and it was DELICIOUS!!!
What I really loved were all the animals running around, curious as they are!

I found Yosemite to be one of the most beautiful places on this earth and would not have missed it for anything!

Take a look at the pictures and you cannot but agree with me :)

Love, Melissa

Tunnel View @ Yosemite

Our car for 2 weeks: Chevrolet Tahoe!!! I looked so good in it ;)

Our condo @ Yosemite

Preparing the table for a bbq


Our view from the condo


Hiking to the waterfalls!

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