Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colombia & Istanbul!

Dear readers,

Don't you just love it when you can look forward to an amazing trip? Or better yet...TWO amazing trips?! Travelling is really one of my passions and this time I chose Istanbul and Colombia. HUH? Yeah well, in February I will go and explore Istanbul during 5 days with one of my closest friends and at the end of March I will go to Colombia for 3 weeks. I have to go there to baptise my nephew, because I am not only his aunt, but also his godmother! :) Anyway, since I am already there, I thought it would be nice to see some other parts of the country as well, especially since I hear so many good stories about Colombia. They have everything you can wish for: culture, architecture, museums, supernice beaches, jungle, big cities...only downside is that it is unfortunately still not 100% safe, but I am sure I will live to tell LOL! I have been there once before, so I should be allright!

So, I collected some great shots from both destinations, hope you like it!

Istanbul shots:

Hagia Sophia Mosque
View of the city
Bosphorus river

Colombia shots:

A sculpture from the famous Colombian artist Botero in MedellĂ­n
Monserrate in Bogota

Tayrona Park


These are just some shots for you to get an impression. Of course, when I am back from these trips I will upload my own pictures, just like I did last time when I was in the US.

Have any of you been to these places or does any of you live there? I am always open for some great tips, so share, share, share! :)

Love, Melissa

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