Thursday, July 26, 2012

Berlin 2012 was EPIC!

Dear readers,

Yesterday I got back from my trip to Berlin and boy, what a trip it was! Berlin never ceases to amaze me! If any of you have ever been there, I am sure you agree with me :) From Wednesday till Sunday we were with a total of 12 people and from Sunday till yesterday it was just me and my boyfriend. I think it's great to be out with a group, but I also find it important to have some down time with just my boyfriend. So what did we do? We went clubbing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, we hired a tandem, we segwayed, we enjoyed ourselves at one of the many small beach terraces of Berlin, we shopped, we had very good food, we visited some cultural stuff and we LAUGHED...A LOT!!! :)

Here some random shots of our trip to Berlin.

@ Cocktailbar "Bar Eleven"

Dinner at an Italian restaurant...NICE!

Lunch with the complete group of girls!

9:30 AM, just stepping out of the club (Suicide Circus)

Tandem ride through Berlin

Waiting at Tiergarten Park for the guys to join us!

LOL...they dressed up as "The Beastie Boys" (Sabotage)

The Beastie Boys riding the tandem

At one of the many beach terraces in Berlin

At our apartment

Ready to segway!

There I go! :)

My boyfriend with the TV-tower on his head ;)

Enjoying the sun and a very delicious ice cream!

Restaurant Fabrics

Tarbot dish

Cheese platter...YUM!

Nice view from the Fabrics restaurant

@ Club Tresor (in the bunker)

With my boyfriend in the bunker of club Tresor

Our last morning in Berlin

So, just an impression of my quick holiday. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Soon I will dedicate a post to all of the amazing clubs of Berlin, so you guys can enjoy them yourselves when travelling to Berlin.

Love, Melissa

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