Friday, January 20, 2012

Double-up outfit!

Dear readers,

Cannot get enough of creating outfits! And because it is less than a month before I will travel to Istanbul, I got inspired to create a shopping outfit for Istanbul, but not just a regular one...NO, one you and I can also wear during a night out in one of the amazing clubs this booming city has to offer! Great thing about this outfit is that you can switch into other shoes, putting the flats in your handbag, when you want to try and look more feminine. - LUXURY SHOPPING WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - FLORENCE - Online fashion - Womens clothing & designer clothes
H&M – fashion en kwaliteit voor de beste prijs | H&M NL
For those of you who prefer wearing heals when having a night out, you can switch the flats into, for example, the following shoes:

What do you think? Is it an outfit you would wear?

Love, Melissa

P.S. As always, all items can be found & loved on my Fashiolista page!

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