Thursday, January 5, 2012

Memory vs. imagination!

Dear readers,

Although I think it is great to have good memories and dwell on them from now and then, I also think it is really important to not just live out of memories, but to create new ones! Fantasize, think of all the things you would want in your life and act on that...I can guarantee you there will be so many more memories you will create then! Did you know the creation of art is much more limited than what life is able to create?! For example, people think a "happily ever after" only exists in movies, not in real life. But think about this for a moment, REALLY think about it! STOP! Think again! The script writer is like ourselves a human being and even though he might be more capable of fantasizing away than the average person, his fantasy is also limited, as where life and all its creations is NOT! Choose to fantasize!

"If we live out of our memory, we're tied to the past and to that which is finite. When we live out of our imagination, we're tied to that which is infinite."

Love, Melissa

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