Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After you'd gone!

Dear readers,

You know how I love to read books! My favourite writer is Santa Montefiore, but now and then I pick a totally different writer, because I love discovering new writers! So a little while back I bought this book by Maggie O'Farrell, called "After you'd gone" and while it was a little difficult to stay focused in the beginning, I have to say that in the middle of the book I couldn't put it away. I was so into the character of Alice and I wanted to know how the story would unfold! While the end of the book was in sight I caught myself sobbing and let me tell you...it takes a lot to see me cry, so I applaud Maggie for that :)

So, if any of you want to read a good book these days, this is my tip for you!

Enjoy it!

Love, Melissa

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