Monday, August 13, 2012

Our other Olympic Champions!

Dear readers,

I have tributed a post to Epke Zonderland's accomplishment during the Olympic Games, but of course I needed to write a post about our other Olympic Champions as well! It wouldn't be fair otherwise :)

So, lets see which Dutch athletes have won medals during the Olympic Games of 2012 in London.

First off, Teun Mulder who won a bronze medal with Keirin (indoor cycling).

Another cycling medal was won by Marianne Vos, but this time it was a gold medal! :) It was actually the first gold medal we won these Olympics.

On the BMX we won a bronze medal. Laura Smulder, an 18 year old girl, managed to get the job done :)

Then we are setting our eyes on Judo, where Holland won 2 bronze medals, one for Henk Grol and one for Edith Bosch (you know, the woman who subdued the Olymic bottle-thrower :P).

Now, moving to the department of beautiful horses! :)
What did we win? Three silver and one bronze medal. Silver with Jumping (team of four men: Gerco Schröder, Jur Vrieling, Maikel van Vleuten and Marc Houtzager) and again with Jumping, but this time on an individual base. Who won? Gerco Schröder and men, what a nerve wracking finale it was! Another silver medal was won by Adelinde Cornelissen for her indivual dressage. A bronze medal was won with Dressage (mixed team of three, being: Anky van Grunsven, Adelinde Cornelissen and Edward Gal).

Leaving the horses and moving to Rowing where the Dutch ladies won a bronze medal!

We are staying in the water, 'cause with swimming we won FOUR medals, two gold ones, 1 silver and 1 bronze! The two gold medals were won by Ranomi Kromowidjojo: one for the 100 meters freestyle and one for the 50 meters freestyle. The silver medal was won with the estafette group of 100 meters freestyle. The woman included in the team were: Inge Dekker, Femke Heemskerk, Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Marleen Veldhuis. The bronze medal was won by Marleen Veldhuis for the 50 meters freestyle. What an accomplishment ladies!!!

Ranomi and Marleen after they realised they both won medals during the 50 meters freestyle!

Sailing was another sport which we were pretty good at, because we won a gold medal, a silver medal AND a bronze medal. The gold one was won by Dorian van Rijsselberghe, the silver one by Marit Bouwmeester and the bronze by Lisa Westerhof and Lobke Berkhout! Good job you guys!

From sailing we are going to hockey, were the ladies won a gold medal and the men a silver medal! WOW!

And of course, we won this beautiful gold medal with the high horizontal bar (turning), or actually...Epke Zonderland won this and ok...I will post another photo of him :)

That makes it a total of 20 medals of which 6 gold medals, 6 silver and 8 bronze. I think it is quite an accomplishment for a small country like ours. We are positioned at number 13 which is GREAT! I want to congratulate each and every athlete who won a medal during these Olympics, but I also want to congratulate all the other athletes who didn't make it to the stage, but did make it to the Olympics, because that alone is already something to be very proud of!

Can't wait for Rio 2016! How about yourself?

Love, Melissa

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