Monday, August 6, 2012

Dutch summer!

Dear readers,

No, Dutch summer has still not come through as we are used to, but now and then the sun shines and we enjoy the outdoors as if there's no tomorrow :) I really enjoy taking pictures of those random days, you know...when you have a drink on a terrace, enjoying an ice cream by the lake or having a nice tour on my dad's boat. And of course, I also like sharing them with my dear readers. So here some shots I took these past few days. Hope you like them!

Love, Melissa

Enjoying an icecream by the lake!

Having an ice cold beer in the sun is always a good idea! :)

Enjoying a day out on my dad's boat with my dad, my mom and my grandmother.

Having a healthy lunch and one of the best ice tea's I have ever had.

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