Friday, July 8, 2011

United Nude!

Dear readers,

When wandering through the streets of Amsterdam, I saw the most amazing shoes at the 'United Nude' store! Even though it was sale, I still could not afford them, but WOW...I was and am still impressed by the beautiful design of the shoes and in my thoughts I've already worn them to several occasions :) Have I made you curious already?

Well, here they are:

Are they stunning or what?

Take a look at some of their other shoes here below!

Möbius Mid Zebra Loop Slingback Fluo Red+Pewter
Eamz Pump Camel Shark Lo White
Pin Buckle Pewter Haiku Pale Blue
Abstract Pewter+Dark Brown Block Ankle Strap Pewter
Lo Res Pale Blue Ultra Möbius Lemon

What do you think about the shoe collection from United Nude? I think their shoes look amazing and original!

Love, Melissa

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