Monday, April 16, 2012


Dear readers,

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a vibrant city! You have to be a bit careful while exploring this city, since it is not known as one of the safest cities in the world, but it is really worth a visit.

Our first stop was at 'La Candelaria', a neighbourhood near the President's palace with museums, colonial buildings, cafe's, restaurants and many more.

At Museum Botero

Alpaca' cute!!! :)

Street view in 'La Candelaria'

Me in front of the 'Monetary museum'

Soldiers protecting the city

After wandering through the streets of the center of Bogota, we decided to visit 'Montserrate', a monastery up in the hills of Bogota. You can either go hiking, by train of by airbus...we decided to go by airbus...haha, YES, we are lazy! :P

On our way to Montserrate, a monastery up in the hills of Bogota

See that little ride way up there...we were sitting in a similar one :)


View of Bogota from Montserrate
Aside from visiting all the tourist attractions, we love to have some culinary experiences as well! Whether it is in one of Bogota's finest restaurants or with room service in the coziness of our own hotel room :D

@ Asadero La Bonga restaurant

Club sandwich - room service

Mexican burger - room service

We had chosen such a lovely hotel in Bogota with an incredible spa, which we made sure we used...what a relaxing experience that was!

@ our hotel - AR Salitre Hotel & Spa

Sipping our wine in front of the fire place

When visiting Bogota, you MUST go to this famous restaurant named "Andres Carne de Res". There are actually two of them, one in Zona Rosario (a good and vibrant neighbourhood in Bogota) and one in Chia (a one-hour drive from Bogota). Both are really nice, but we decided to go to the nearest one and so ended up at the one in Zona Rosario, called D.C. We had such an amazing experience...I seriously have never experienced a restaurant like that! The food is GREAT, the atmosphere is AMAZING and the overall experience is something you will NEVER forget!

@ Andres Carne de Res - Bogota's most famous restaurant...A MUST!!!
Best mojito ever!


Visitante ilustre...took it back with me to home!

I was by the way so bummed when I got home and saw the quality of the pictures...I am not sure what I did to my camera, but I am sure I messed up its resolution, because the quality of all my photos is so not good :( Well, at least I still have photos, since I know some people who ended up having not one single photo of their holiday, since their camera got stolen...always staying positive here :D

What do you think of our experience in Bogota? Has any of you been there or does any of you live there?

Love, Melissa

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