Monday, April 30, 2012

Queensday 2012!

Dear readers,

April 30 is a BIG day here in The Netherlands, because it is the late Queen's birthday, which we celebrate in a really ENORMOUS way! I will show you some pictures of it tomorrow, but for today I will only share with you a pastry that we eat today, called "Oranje tompoucen"! Haha, say what? Well "oranje" means orange, because the Royal family's last name is "Van Oranje" and "tompoucen" is just the name of the pastry. Anyway, I am sure you have seen the images of Queensday either online or on the television, so you know the colour orange is a returning theme in everything today, even in this pastry. See for yourself :)

If you are in the Netherlands today and you haven't tried this pastry yet, do is YUMMY!!!

Great party everone!

Love, Melissa

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