Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Dear readers,

I am going to divide my post about Popayan, Colombia in two, because I first want to give you a look into all that I have been up to in Popayan and thereafter I want to give you a peek into celebrating Semana Santa, also known as "Holy Week", in Popayan, which is quite a happening!

The reason why I visited Popayan was because of the fact that my little nephew got baptized there and of all people they chose me to be his godmother, such an honour! So, that was the main reason. Second, because I wanted to experience Semana Santa, but this I will cover in another blog post.

The photos that I will show you now are my most treasurable, since my family and loved ones are in it. I hope you like it!

The first bunch are taken at Calibio. Calibio is this huge house of my brother-in-law's family. It has been in their possession since forever and I can definitely understand why. This place is magical! It is around 1000 hectares and its view is splendid. You can look all the way to Cali. Calibio is a place where his family can come together and enjoy their time off. Aside from that, this place is often rented for big events. For example, he and my sister got married here!

At Calibio, my brother-in-law's family house

Having breakfast

My boyfriend and my nephew LUCA :) Isn't he just BEAUTIFUL?!?!

My nephew Milo, Luca's little brother, the one that got baptized

Luca :)

At "Elejio", another of their event locations

Milo :)

Luca and Martina (his niece) riding a horse

Superman! :P

At Calibio, now for Milo's baptism

Godmother (me!) and Milo

From left to right: my mother, my brother-in-law with Milo, my sister and my dad!

Godparents baptizing Milo

Milo Thomas' cake

Milo's petit fours

Celebration dinner

My mom is so ready for easter ;)

I just love looking back at these pictures! :) Such a shame my sister lives so far away :( I wish they would live here, so I could see them more often, but hey, this is just the way it is!

What have you guys been up to lately?

Love, Melissa

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