Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY - Body scrub!

Dear readers,

I am staying in the theme of do it yourselves / homemade kind of stuff. Today a recipe for making your own body scrub, which I think is amazing since I like to know what the exact ingredients are of the stuff I rub on my body and face. Don't you? I actually made this homemade body scrub this past Saturday, so I could give it to my Mom for Mothersday :) And YES, she loved it and so did all her friends, so if you want to suprise somebody, this will absolutely do!

So now the recipe:

* Use 1 cup of oil (this can vary from body oil to olive oil to almond oil, just use whatever you like and whatever you feel smells good. I myself like to use a mixture of oils).
* Use 2 1/2 cups of sugar (use white if it is a gift, use brown, natural sugar if it is for yourself. White looks prettier, but natural sugar is of course healthier). Other recipes talk about salt, which you can use also. Make sure it is dead sea salt though since this is so much better for the skin and doesn't irritate it as much. I however like to use sugar instead, because I find that body scrubs with salt can burn the skin.
* Use the lemon zest of about 4 lemons. You can replace this with orange zest if you like.
* Some drops of a massage oil that smells good.

Mix these ingredients all together and look if it is compact enough. If not, throw in some more sugar. When you think it is compact enough, put it in a jar and in the fridge for around 4 hours. The latter shall make it even more compact.

Wrap it in a nice transparent foil with a cute bow and there you have it - something nice and luxurious to give away to that special person (this can be you too :D)! See how easy!

Oh and make sure to have fun while doing it! Let me know when you have tried this recipe, I am curious as to knowing what you think of it!

Love, Melissa

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