Monday, May 7, 2012

The Chinchilla!

Dear readers,

Today I wanted to share with you a photo of an animal you don't see very often: the chinchilla! Look how cute it is!

And guess who owns a chinchilla? Yep, that's right...ME!!! :) My little chinchilla is called Chester and he is already 10 years old and he is the sweetest and cutest animal EVER!!!  I am so lucky to have him! :)

Some pretty cool facts of the chinchilla are:

1. They can jump up to 1 meter.
2. They bath in sand.
3. They have the softest fur EVER (30 times softer than human hair)! This is actually so true that they are being killed by thousands just for their fur. A coat with chinchilla fur costs around $ 10.000 :(
4. They are monogamous.
5. They can literally bite through EVERYTHING!!!

Does any of you own a chinchilla? Or do you have another house pet?

Would love to hear!

Love, Melissa

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