Sunday, May 20, 2012

Manish Arora

Dear readers,

Manish Arora, a fashion designer from India, is known as the "John Galliano from India" and after seeing his creations I can definitely understand why! Have a look at some photos of his collection and decide for yourself :)

I really love the bold colours and the strong shapes of Manish Arora's designs! His fantasy goes one step further than mine, that's for sure! ;)

What do you think of his collection and which of the outfits above is your favourite? Mine is the one pictured in photo number 5.

Love, Melissa


  1. Woaa, he has a brave and unique design! I totally adored his design after I saw your post! Thank you for this great inspiration! <3


    1. Hey Vinny! Thanks for the comment! I really like his designs too, they are simply amazing!!! Would love to own an outfit by him haha! XOXO