Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dear readers,

After spending some marvellous days in Bogota, we were headed to Cartagena. Cartagena is in the north of Colombia, it is part of the Caribbean and when you arrive in Cartagena you feel the Caribbean vibe immediately! The people are relaxter and so it the atmosphere! I loved the colonial vibe of this city, so beautiful. Did you know this is where most of Gabriel García Marquez's books are written?! I love his books and everytime when I read one of his books, I imagined Cartagena to be such a chill place with so much history and every little detail Marquez describes in his book about Cartagena, is so true! So nice to finally be able to experience "his" Cartagena :)

Street in Cartagena...I love the bougainvillea draping itself  off the balcony!

Almost all buildings are painted in a different colour, this adds so much to the Caribbean vibe!

Cartagena offers a broad variety of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafe's. There is something for everybody. I loved going to a plaza in the evening, just because there is so much to see and feel: people from all over the world, street artists, hearing rumba and salsa in the enjoyable!

Enjoying a German beer in Colombia :P

We decided to go on a trip to one of the lovely islands in the near surroundings of Cartagena. It was a 45 minute boattrip to Isla del Encanto. It was so beautiful there! Everything what comes to mind when you think of an island, you can find right there :)

Isla del Encanto

Of course, no holiday is complete without enjoying some fine dining ;)

In Cartagena you can find Latin America's biggest fort. It was an interesting sightseeing and I especially loved the view from up there!

Two more pictures of Cartagena's streetview and buildings!

Our last night in Cartagena we originally wanted to go to a restaurant called "Salou", but when we got there, the doors were closed. The owner explained to us they wouldn't open for the day, since the electricity went off and they had to throw away all their food...bummer! They recommended us another restaurant called "Sabris". Sabris is a Spanish restaurant and it was REALLY delicious! Even better when we received 2 little bottles of wine and a dessert from Salou as a courtesy...WOW!!! What a great service from both restaurants! So if you ever travel to Cartagena, make sure to visit both of these're in for a great night and great food!

Loving the photos? Have any of you ever visited Cartagena?

Love, Melissa

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