Monday, April 18, 2011

Floral print

Dear readers,

Until a few years ago I wasn't really into the floral print, but now...I'm loving it!!! It's so cute while you can make it less girly when combining it with edgy items. And good for me, because this season floral prints are not going anywhere! :) I have copied some items from my Fashiolista List for you to see.
Floral dress (
Floral button-down playsuit (
Floral cropped vest (
Floral coat (
Floral towel (
Floral money purse (
Floral placemat (
Floral belt (

Jacket (Camisa - longa)
Floral top ($CrossSellProductPage$&layer=1&sizeN=0.489,0.137&src=live-riloves-kids-icon&posN=-0.254,0.4265
Floral midi skirt (
Floral scarf (
Floral shoes (

Do you like the floral print?

Love, Melissa

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