Sunday, April 10, 2011

Speedy desire!

Dear readers,

If only I had $2.2 million, I would definitely buy the Intermarine 55 Yacht! The BMW Group sure knows how to create a mindblowing boat! It measures 57 feet in total length and consists of a salon, a galley, three cabins and two bathrooms...speaking about luxurious or what?!
So, how does it look? this:

Intermarine 55 Yacht

Intermarine 55 Yacht

Intermarine 55 Yacht

For those of you who have this amount of money, the boat will go on sale in July of this year. Oh, and if you buy it, please...don't hesitate to invite me for a day out on the water :)

Love, Melissa


  1. I think it is a dream..I hope it will be real one day!! ;-P

  2. Hey Stella,

    LOL! You never know... :)

    XOXO Melissa