Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dear readers,

I have a hate-love affair when it comes to sunglasses. I love them, because they're practical, because they protect my eyes against the sun and because they prevent me from getting wrinkles...oh yeah, and also because they are fashionable! I hate them, because I am unfortunately one of those persons on which sunglasses suddenly look odd. YES, you can say I also hate those people on which every type of sunglasses look fabulous ;)I would love it if I could match different sunglasses with different outfits. Then again, you can't have it all LOL! However, what I can do is create a cool collection of sunglasses, for me to dream about, for you to inspire! My collection would look something like this:                         
Cat shaped sunglasses (                          Shades with studs (                          
Bright yellow aviator sunglasses                                         '70's butterfly sunglasses (                                                          (                                    Acetate round-framed sunglasses - ChloĆ©         
Black shades (                                                       Cream '70's sunglasses        

How would your collection of sunglasses look like? And which of the above is your favourite?

Love, Melissa

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