Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pretty umbrellas!

Dear readers,

Until a few years ago I HATED umbrellas! When riding on my bike through Amsterdam I preferred getting wet than carrying an umbrella. Seriously, those things are dangerous when on the bike! They tend to fold themselves inside out and you can't worry about those things when riding in Amsterdam where trams, busses, other bikers, pedestrians, cabs, cars and other vehicles use the same road as you are. But a few years ago I saw this amazingly beautiful umbrella when I was visiting my sister in Costa Rica. It looked like it came straight from Moscow with its fur details. Since that day my feelings toward the umbrella changed. Now I know it's not only a practical item, but also a fashionable one. I set aside some of my favourites for you to look at. As always, you can find these in my Fashiolista List.

Love, Melissa

Clothes/footwear details kišobran (Equipment)

As if a flower opens up!

 Antique Ivory Heidi - Heart Shaped Lace Parasol

For that wedding (not only to stay dry, but also to protect yourself from the sun).$CrossSellProductPage$

For the darker winter days!

This Asian inspired umbrella reminds me of the little umbrella they put in cocktails!

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