Saturday, April 9, 2011

A quick change of heart...

Dear readers,

Remember the other day when I wrote that I didn't know what to think about the ongoing trend regarding stripes? If not, click here to read my previous post about stripes. So what I wanted to say is that we go....I have to recall my earlier objections and admit that stripes are actually still fun! It is out now :) To prove it to those who may have had or still have the same objections as I had, here are some really nice striped items! Of course, these are also for those who were loving stripes all along and thought I was out of my mind for not doing so :)

Bandeau dress (

Shirt (

Dress with bow (

Ruched blouse (

Poncho look-a-like pullover (

Flats with floral detail (

So, have I changed someone's mind about stripes? I sure hope so!

Love, Melissa

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