Thursday, April 28, 2011

Queensday @ Amsterdam

Dear readers,

This saturday, April 30, my homecountry will be celebrating the birthday of the Queen, well actually, of the late Queen Juliana. Maybe some of you have celebrated Queensday with us while being in The Netherlands. If so, then you know what an amazing national holiday it is. I always celebrate Queensday in Amsterdam and it is so different every single year. But what always remains the same is the joyous sphere, the color orange, the canals full of boats, the loud music and people dancing and being drunk :) What else do you need? LOL! To give you an impression about this day, I attached some photos here and who knows, maybe we will celebrate Queensday 2012 together! :)

Love, Melissa

People celebrating Queensday in one of the canals in Amsterdam

@ Museumplein Amsterdam where all kinds of artists perform

A dog in Queensday costume

Guessing these guys are drunk ;)

People dancing on the streets in Amsterdam

People  celebrating Queensday on a boat

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