Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm such a nerd! :)

Dear readers,

I love this book by Martha Stewart!

I know, I know...pretty nerdy, but hey...I like my house to be neat and clean, although it actually never is :S Or then again, maybe not from my perspective! I don't know...either way, I like that this book covers all your needs and your questions when it comes to maintaining your household. The other day I had this stain on my wooden dinnertable and started to use the products I always use when trying to remove stains, but unfortunately it didn't came off. Then it suddenly hit me: I HAVE MARTHA STEWARTS BOOK! I went through the pages and read that neutral shoe polish works really well on stains on wood. I gave it a shot and guess what? It came off :) Where would I be without Martha? LOL!

I recommend this book to anyone...that includes you! :)

Love, Melissa

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