Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dear readers,

I love Italy and especially Tuscany! I love the medieval towns (e.g. Siena), the food (!), the people, the fashion, the wine, the pittoresque landscapes, the culture, the art, the cities (e.g. Florence)...well, actually, just about everything! I have been there twice now and I still have not seen it all yet! I would love to have my own farm there with, of course, a vineyard, some olive trees, a pool and a spectacular view :) Unfortunately, for now, I can only copy some pictures of Tuscany here, so I can share my dream with you. You will see why this is one of my many dreams!

Tuscany landscape

Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Tuscany landscape

A delicacy shop in Florence

Medieval town Siena

Palio (horse race) at the 'Piazza del Campo', Siena

Words say it all!

Have you ever been to Tuscany? If so, don't you just LOVE it? What dreams do you have?

Love, Melissa

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